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Over 3 years working in IT services developing software applications, kids coding training for students, secondary school leavers, youths, individuals, design websites, school databases/portals, desktop apps, and mobile apps for clients all over the world using all the necessary tools and latest technologies.
We are Bridgekode provide the best quality IT solution. Bridgekode is an innovative software development company dedicated to providing innovative and tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a strong focus on technology and a team of highly skilled professionals, Bridgekode is committed to delivering high-quality software products and services that drive business growth and efficiency thereby increasing income to the organization. Read More

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At Bridgekode, our Mission is to empower businesses with innovative and tailored software solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and digital transformation & train school students/kids in coding websites with the basic tools. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services that exceed client expectations, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and create sustainable value for our partners.


Expert Team

At Bridgekode, we take great pride in our expert team of professionals who are at the forefront of software development. Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced individuals with diverse expertise in various technologies and domains.

Quick Action

At Bridgekode, we understand the importance of quick action and responsiveness in the fast-paced world of software development. Our team is committed to prompt and efficient execution to meet your project needs.

Latest Technology

These are just a few of the many emerging technologies that are shaping our world. It’s important to stay updated with the latest trends and assess how they can potentially impact your industry or business to stay competitive and leverage technological advancements to your advantage.


Custom Software Development: Bridgekode specializes in building custom software solutions that are precisely tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Whether you need a web application, mobile app, school kids coding program, or enterprise software, our team can create scalable, secure, and user-friendly solutions. visit our website

Web Development: We offer comprehensive web development services, including front-end and back-end development, CMS (Content Management System) customization, e-commerce platforms, and web portal development. Our experienced developers ensure your website is visually appealing, responsive, and optimized for performance.

Mobile App Development: Bridgekode develops desktop apps & mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms that provide seamless user experiences. We leverage the latest technologies, such as native development, cross-platform frameworks, and cloud integration, to deliver feature-rich and intuitive mobile apps.

Web Development Training: Bridgekode’s web development training program is exceptional. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field, providing thorough explanations and practical examples. The curriculum is comprehensive, covering all essential aspects of web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, Bootstrap, Git/Github, WordPress and frameworks like React, Next, Angular, Vue, and back-end services like Node/Express.js, PHP/laravel, ruby on rail, Python, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, Oracle, etc.
Overall, Bridgekode’s web development training program not only equipped you with the necessary skills but also boosted your confidence in pursuing a career in web development. We highly recommend their training program to anyone, especially kids, students, and secondary school leavers looking to gain expertise and skills in the IT field.

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There are several reasons why people should choose Bridgekode for their web development training or services. It’s important for individuals to carefully evaluate their specific needs and compare different options before choosing any training provider or service. Conducting thorough research, reviewing testimonials, and considering personal goals can help determine if Bridgekode aligns with their requirements for web development training or services.

Comprehensive Assessments: Bridgekode can conduct thorough assessments of an organization’s IT infrastructure, systems, and processes. This helps identify existing challenges, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement.

Tailored Solutions: Based on the assessment results, Bridgekode can provide customized solutions to address specific IT challenges. This may involve implementing new technologies, optimizing existing systems, or streamlining workflows to improve efficiency and productivity.

Training and Support: Bridgekode can offer training programs and ongoing support to enhance the IT skills of the organization’s staff. This empowers employees to effectively use IT systems, troubleshoot minor issues, and reduce dependence on external IT support.


Excellent responsiveness and focus on customer needs. Work is done by the book, when there is a crisis they respond rapidly. I can only recommend their services wholeheartedly. Onuabueke Fidelia-Shipping

I know Mr. Dominic(Bridgekode CEO) as an over-thinking fellow, he never rests until he beats the problem. He is a great programmer, mathematician, mentor & tutor. Though he’s a master in diverse areas he is willing to still learn & be better. Ogada Stanley-Senior Software Engineer

I had a fantastic experience working with Bridgekode on my website development project. They were highly professional, attentive to detail, and delivered a stunning website that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Bridgekode for web development services. Ekeh Esther Uchechi-HeadTeacher

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